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Need social media, email, and blog support just in time for your next campaign? You've arrived at the right place! Our campaign support provides your nonprofit with a custom road map to fit your digital marketing needs, so you don't have to worry about starting from scratch. It's time to take the stress out of managing digital content, add time back to your calendar, and focus more on your mission.

Check out what our campaign service has to offer your nonprofit!

Digital campaign support will help your nonprofit create an impactful plan with actionable steps to launch an incredible campaign.

Calendar support will guide your nonprofit to organize social posts, including Facebook and Instagram, blog posts, and emails.

Content support will enhance your social profiles, blog posts, and email campaigns with engaging, high-quality copy and digital designs.

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It's Time to Take the Stress out of Managing Digital Content and focus more on your mission!

At Persiá Expressions, we partner with a limited number of nonprofits each quarter to join our campaign support service. This is a minimum three-month subscription with weekly one-on-one sessions. As a member, you'll receive support in social media, email, and blog content, including:


  • How to organize a campaign schedule for your social media, email, and blog 

  • Actionable steps to create an impactful and engaging digital marketing campaign 

  • Support in creating high-quality digital content designs with customizable templates 

  • Simple steps on how to gather and analyze campaign performance across channels

Please don't wait to reach out to us. Spots fill FAST! We can't wait to learn more about your nonprofit's mission. Our mission is to help you take the stress out of managing digital content.

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